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Sep 132013

SexArt - Jenny Appach & Kayla Lyon (Swimming Pool) 720p NEW September 13, 2013_s


Czech director Andrej Lupin employs a simple recipe for his latest creation: Take two fresh, beautiful young girls, add water, and heat until steaming. And the stars of “Swimming Pool” are both exceptionally fresh — this is only blonde Kayla Lyon’s second appearance in a SexArt production, and her costar, Jenny Appach, is making her debut here. After a brief bit of swimming Kayla takes a seat on the edge of the pool and Jenny dives right in, sending her tongue slithering through the moist folds of her lover’s female flower. But it’s when Appach replaces her tongue with her fingers that she brings Kayla to the strongest of several successive climaxes. Then, with smiles on their pretty faces, the girls trade places and Lyon licks and frigs Appach to several obviously enjoyable orgasms. Lupin keeps the camera moving — it gets in close for delicious details, pulls back to capture the appealing atmosphere of the setting, and dives beneath the water’s surface for pleasing submarine views of water nymphs at play. Don’t hesitate, take the plunge: “Swimming Pool” provides particularly pleasing aquatic erotica.


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