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Nov 302016



Nora – Brother Busts her for “Massage Ad”- I found a massage table in the trunk of my car after my slut sister borrowed it without asking. I do a little checking and see she has an ad up on craigslist for doing “massages” I confront her and then make her give me the special treatment she promises on her ad

Norah’s Brother records her “rub in the tub” – My sister is such a horney slut, and inconsiderate. She hogs the bathroom so she can lay in the tub and masturbate. This time I get the door open and record her little “rub in the tub” and let her know I am sending it out to everyone I can think of. Sheis willig to do anything to keep from being humiliated, including being the huge slut I know she is. I think she is starting to crave my cock

Norah’s Brother catches her “Sexting” – I think my sister might be the horniest girl ever. She leaves her phone for a moment and I find tons of “sexts” and naked pics she sends to half the gys in school. If she wants to act like a total slut I can help her, big time



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