Jan 042017


You’re my boyfriend & I want to give you a handjob but you’re nervous. I explain that it’s really not a big deal… I do it to my brother all the time. Here, I’ll show you. I call my brother in, and he lets me stroke his cock in front of you. I demonstrate what a handjob looks like, and you’re confused about what’s going on but also aroused. At first I think that you’re turned on by the thought of me touching your cock, and you think that’s why you’re aroused too. But pretty soon it’s clear that you’re rock hard because of my brother’s enormous dick. He shows it off for you, and I ask if you want his cock. The look on your face says you do. I ask if you want to see his cock in action, then my brother & I have sex in front of you. You’re more & more turned on with each thrust of his beautiful, shiny cock.It’s ok if you’re bi. That explains why you can’t always get hard for me. I’m not offended because I know I’m hot. Or maybe you’re completely gay? It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone at school. We can still be friends, and I’ll even pretend to be your girlfriend so no one at school will suspect you’re a faggot. Now open wide & take my brother’s cock. See how much of his cum you can catch in your mouth.


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