Jan 042017


Son, we need to have a chat about the way you’ve been treating your new father. I know that I told you that you need to grow up & be the man of the house, but that was before I met your new father. Now he’s the man of the house & it’s time for you to accept that. I know you have trouble adjusting to change, so I think rather than just talking to you about this, I need to show you. I need to show you that my new husband is the alpha male around here, and that means that whatever he says goes. He gets to fuck mommy, and we get to enjoy each other’s bodies. Watch him get pleasure from my body. Don’t you dare look away! Come closer & watch your new daddy cum inside mommy’s pussy. Now come even closer. This is the next part of your lesson. You’re going to be mommy’s creampie eater. You must do it if you want to stay in this house. Lick it all up. You need to accept & acknowledge your place.


 January 4, 2017  Posted by at 11:32 pm Creampie, Incest Roleplay, MILF, Redhead  Add comments

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