Oct 312017


Mother is always nagging me. “Clean your room,” “Stop playing video games and do your homework,” “Take out the trash,” Clean your room again, it looks like s#*t.” Nothing is ever good enough for her. I really try to be a good son, but Mother is never happy. I decided I’M FUCKING DONE. No more yes Mom, whatever you say Mom. I decided Mother will do WHATEVER I SAY from now on. I’ll admit it wasn’t entirely my own idea. I have a friend at college who knows about my problem. He had a problem similar to mine – except it was his girlfriend who was nagging him all the time. Last week he told me he bought a strange experimental serum that turns any woman who drinks it into a subservient slut who will do anything and everything they are told. He wouldn’t tell me where he got it – but he did sell me some. I didn’t believe it would actually work but my buddy’s never lied to me before. I tried it the next day. Mother was bitching at me about how lazy she thinks I am and then told me to get her some iced tea, it was the perfect opportunity. My Mom only drank a little of the special tea I gave her, but I was astonished, in less than a minute she was completely under my control and sucking my cock!!! Mother did exactly as I instructed her. I fucked my Mom in every way I pleased and then came inside her. The effects of the serum wore off after a few hours, leaving Mother groggy and with a slight headache. She had no memory of what happened and was back to her normal bitchy self. All I know is I need to get a part time job ASAP. I need more money. I’m going to buy as much slut serum as I can get my hands on!!! ***Starring Melanie Hicks & a REAL creampie from her angry horny son***

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