Nov 012017


I love going to the beach with my family! My Dad even let me bring my best friend Esmi with us. I was relaxing in the condo after doing some shopping the other day when my brother told me something very strange. He said he met a girl at the beach and he really liked her. My brother said he thought she wanted to have sex but he was worried he might not do it right. This was weird because I KNOW MY BROTHER IS GAY!!! He’s had a bunch of boyfriends, but he said he thought he might be straight now — even though he’s never fucked a girl. I’ve always thought my brother was cute so I figured I’d help him out. I called my best friend over to help, she’s even sluttier than me so I thought she might know a few tricks. We started sucking my gay brother’s cock and it got rock hard, maybe my brother’s not as gay as I thought… I told My brother it was time for him to fuck my best friend. Esmi slid off her panties and warned him not to go soft. My gay brother seemed to do ok, but he wasn’t fucking her hard enough. I got behind my him and pushed, I had to show him that girls like being fucked really hard. I guess my brother fucks guys a lot slower. Then it was my turn, I sat on my brother’s fat cock and I actually came!! Not to bad for a gay guy..My gay brother asked if he could try doggy with me and I said yes. He still wasn’t fucking hard enough so Esmi helped him out. I think he finally started to get the hang of it, so Esmi made out with me and watched my brother pound my little pussy. Then she told my gay brother he had to cum on my asshole. I guess he did pretty good for his first time. I think with a little more help from his sister my brother will be straight in no time 😉

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