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Allie Summers sneaks down the hallway on her tip toes. She knows her parents are downstairs and they have scolded her for going into her brother’s room in the past. If the old floor boards creak loudly, they might discover she’s up to no good. She’s usually up to no good if she’s left alone, she thinks it’s hilarious to crawl under her brother’s bed and wait for him to come near, she’ll grab and pull at his ankle making the tall boy fall down hard, face down, on the floor. It’s not like he doesn’t prank her too, and she doesn’t find being pranked amusing at all. Little Allie likes to be in charge, it’s who she is, she’s a sweet girl, capable of giving a lot of affection and happiness to those she loves, but she’s a dominant girl who knows what she wants, says exactly what she’s thinking, and she doesn’t appreciate the unexpected.

Allie lays patiently under her brother’s bed. She looks at her watch, he should have been home 10 minutes ago. She looks around under the bed, some wadded tissues, that have something gross inside of them. She sees a bottle of lotion and a pile of dirty magazines right by the tissues. She puts two and two together and knows what he’s been up to, she rolls her eyes, but then her curiosity gets the better of her. She opens a magazine. She sees raw, passionate sex, a blonde woman with massive implanted tits getting pile drived by a bronze-tanned, muscular man, he’s barring his teeth at her, her pussy is visibly wet, and the scene makes her gasp. She flips through the magazine and her imagination allows the still images to create a moving picture in her head. She touches herself. She tries to imagine that she is the woman in the magazine, but her body looks nothing like like surgery-enhanced hard bodied women. Her pussy feels wet, but she can’t cum. Her brows furrow. This is her burden. She can never cum. She looks at her brother’s wadded up cum tissues, it looks like he has no problem at all cumming. She begins to feel envious, he can go over the edge and have a real, strong orgasm. Is he able to put himself into the scenes in his mind? How does he do it? The front door opens, she hears it and she takes her wet fingers and wipes them on her skirt, she lays there, ready to pounce. He comes in as she predicts, and once she sees his ankle, she reaches her little hand out and pulls it under with everything she’s got. He falls down harder than he’s ever fallen before, and he face goes from laughing to concern.

“Are you ok?” She asks him in concern. She realizes that he’s serious, he wants her to stop with the pranks. She nods her head as she listens to her fed up brother. His eyes jet to where she was laying, he wonders if she saw his hidden collection. His face is flush with embarrassment, “just go to your room,” he tells her. She doesn’t move. Allie wants something from him. He can cum and she can not. “When I touch myself,” she confesses shyly, “it feels good, but I don’t get that explosion that I‘ve heard about from my girlfriends, read about in books, and I really want to experience an orgasm. ” (Watch the story unfold..)

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