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Allie comes in from school and slams the door, her brother follows behind her. He heard from his friends that Allie was being bullied by the other girls for having small breasts. She reluctantly tells him, “it’s true, they called me Allie A cups,” she looks away from him, “but not all is lost for me.” He pushes her on what she could mean by that vague statement, she admits, “I’ve figured out a way to buy breast implants!” Allie listens to her brother tell her how perfect she is, and how any guy would want her, and she rolls her eyes.

“If you honestly think guys will think I’m sexy, pull down your pants and show me,” she tells him in her matter-of-fact tone. He doesn’t want to show himself to her, but she is easy to persuade him, “it’s not sexual, it’s like a sort of experiment.” She orders him to touch her perfect A-cup breasts as she stares as his penis, and then back at his eyes looking for any reaction. “I knew it, liar.” His penis is flaccid, he’s shocked at what she wants him to do, and confused at why he is doing it, but then he allows himself to be in the moment, for just a second, his cock twitches. Allie gasps, “oh! I’ve got to touch it. I’ve never seen one up close.” His cock grows erect and her pussy gets wet. Dirty things race through her mind. Allie’s the type of girl who knows how to get exactly what she wants, and she sweetly manipulates her brother to prove to her that her A cups will drive a boy wild, any boy, even her own brother.

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