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I walk into my son’s quiet room, he’s been pouting all day into the night. I hate it that he’s mad at me. I tried to explain to him how I had to take away his science lab, he was getting a bit too obsessed. It’s not normal to believe in science fiction. His friend’s mother called me and told me the boys were experimenting on a project that is too absurd to repeat. I had to put an end do it.

I see him laying in bed and I try to cheer him up, “we’ll go out tomorrow, just me and you.” There is no reaction in his face as he crosses his arms in defiance. I kiss him, yes, he is too old, but I kiss him because he can never pout if I am kissing his lips. I walk to my bedroom and close the door, I try to read to get my mind off the boy. He’s spending too much time on nonsense, and later on in life he will thank me for getting him out of this odd stage in his life. I fall asleep.

In his words..

“Mom took all my experiments from me but she didn’t realize she was too late. She thought I was pouting but I was merely contemplating on which woman I want to take first. When mom was leaning over me, her cardigan sweater folded open and I could clearly see her supple breasts in a pink satin bra. My cock twitched in my pajama pants, I never felt so turned on by my mother. I always knew she was beautiful but tonight she made my cock hard. She left, in an apologetic sort of way, mumbling about how we were going to spend the day together, and I looked closely at her thighs, then up towards her pajama shorts, silky, accenting her tight ass.

When I woke up inside of Mom’s body by head felt a little dizzy, lifting an arm took less effort, her arms are lighter than mine. I touch my chest and feel her bra, and I am filled with excitement. My cock is so hard, throbbing, I reach down and realize that of course– I have a pussy! I explore my body and try to cum. It feels so good, but I can’t get over the edge. I come so close to busting my nut, but I just can’t quite make it. I look at the door and get an idea! I am going to fuck my own body

I walk to my bedroom and my head is full of mischief. This wasn’t the original plan. I just wanted to play in her body for an hour, maybe two, and when morning came she would be inside her own body. She would have never knew that I swapped bodies with her. I feel my pussy lips shift against each other, slippery with her womanly juices, as I walk to her. I peel off the covers and tell her the deal.

Yes, I have swapped bodies. I know she is shocked with me, furious even, but if she wants her body back she will need to do as I say. I have stroked my penis so many times, I know just how to touch it to make her want more. I look into her eyes and tell her how I just want to “borrow it.” I fuck my own body and feel my own, brand new pussy getting penetrated. I sigh, moan, and the sound coming out of my lips is that of my mother‘s, it turns me on. She cums inside of me and it oozes out. I want to keep her body, for a week at least. I tell her she is grounded, she won’t be leaving the room unless I tell her to. She’s going to be my personal fuck doll all week long.

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