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It’s my brother’s turn to do the dishes and we both hate this chore the most. Our strict parents will punish both of us if chores aren’t done when they get home in themorning. I see him sleeping in his bed, it’s 8pm, I know he is faking it.

I tease him and try to get him up. He doesn’t even wake up when I fart in his face. I keep expecting him to jump up, chase me, and wrestle with me like he usually does, he sleeps and ignores me. I punch him in his cock to try to wake him, and he tears up, but still sleeps. I smile big with a naughty thought, “What if I yanked it off?” I know my brother doesn’t want me to see his penis, he’s shy, and he could just get me off of him if he took his lazy ass downstairs to do the dishes. I am so frustrated, but secretly I enjoy any sort of physical contact with him.

My brother is a handsome boy and when I am near him my heart races. In the past, I have teased him to thepoint of wrestling with me, and my skin is hot with excitement when his body is close to mine. I thoroughly enjoy peeking inside his pajama pants to look at his cock, and when I see it, I’m surprised, and a little grossed out.

It’s not really what I expected but it’s intriguing. I poke at it, prod at it, and comment on the skin, color, and odd way the balls move inside the sack when pushed. I smell him. I lose myself in my curiosity, I have never touched nor seen one before. I pull at it in the hopes of waking him up, yank, yank, yank, and finally I see him looking at me tugging on his penis like it’s taffy, I’m such an inexperienced girl. I gasp and recoil when his eyes meet mine. I expect him to chase me, to tell me I’m a pervert, wrestle me to the floor tickling me until I cry, as he usually does. He sits up instead and smiles.

He likes it. He wants to make an arrangement, thechores in exchange for me kissing on it. “On it?! What if Mom comes home early and sees.” My older brother always has the most clever ideas, and suggests that we move under the blankets. He coaches me how to suck him like a woman his own age. I try to hide my enthusiasm that my handsome brother is actually into me. I start to feel something wet in my panties, it frightens me, but he wants to see. I initiate sex with my brother, I am careful, slow, it’s my first time. He cums inside of me and I orgasm, we watch it leak out for a couple seconds, and I push his hard cock inside of me again. I cum a second time, my eyes roll in the back of my head. I love sex and I love my brother.

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