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Feb 132017


Kitten came by for her first time audition. She had a pretty smile, a nice ass, and a sweet pair of cans. She was kind of shy, but willing to show me those beautiful tits. She liked bouncing them around for my delightment. She also had a juicy ass that she knew how to shake around. She was wearing a pair of see through panties that revealed just a little of her sweet kitten. First, she got things started by playing with her sweet pussy. Then, Reno entered and the hot fucking started. Kitten took that cock in her pussy and ass. She is new to the biz, but not new to hot fucking


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Feb 132017


So Renato and Tony take these two lovely ladies to the beach where they shoot the breeze and hang out for a few, drink some beers ect. Tony being the horn dog that he is pulls his cock out and starts getting a blowjob right there. Renato fells jealous and starts doing the same thing and before you know they were all fucking by the beach. That was just a warm up for what was to come! All the real action takes place back at the house! Check it out!

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Feb 132017


This time around on Big Tit Boss We have Tiffany. She just noticed that she has been losing a lot of money due to Ramon pouring too much liquor in those shot glasses! So she had to teach him a little lesson! She began by pulling her nipple out and showing him the new level that he should be pouring the glasses too! Afterwards she mad him fuck her to keep his job and he had to do a good job or he would get the axe! Watch the movie to see what happens! Its a must see!


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Feb 132017


My friend let me crash at his house while he was away on vacation. Renato and I took Suzan and her friend over there for some privacy and to see if we can get an orgy going. As soon as they saw how nice the house was and we got them liquored up they stripped down and got the party started. We handed them off like we were master pussy jugglers. Ass and tits were flying back and forth in a great frenzy. They tried to throw us into the pool when we were done but they couldnt overpower us. They were the only ones who got wet when we sprayed our jizz all over them.

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Feb 132017


A clean house is happy house. Thats why I have a maid. I hate cleaning. It is usually a great thing except in the case of trying to get my money. See, when the maid is dusting the tenents arent busting. I had to take Adrianna down to the dungeon to get my money. It may have been better in this case as it really opened up my guests for some dirty fucking, a little gaping and some anal. hot stuff, this chick


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Feb 132017


Tiffany came by with a set of tits and round ass that has got to be seen to believe. We met up on the streets as she was going to buy some skimpy outfits to tease the shit out of the camera with. Back at the pad, Tiffany and her huge round titties were driving me nuts. Those nipple piercings were crazy. But the real deal is her ass. Huge, round, bubble butt ass. Tiffany is a bad ass babe with a sexual appetite to match. Billy served as the cock piece for what would turn into a classic edition of Monster Curves. This chick was amazing. She rode cock like no other. Even while doing ANAL. Amazing update here fellas. Enjoy.


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Feb 132017


Bruna and her sexy friend, Alessandra came by for a good time. They were looking very hot in their g-string bikinis. They both had tremendous asses that were great to watch bounce up and down. They were happy to take turns sucking on Anselmos dick. Then, they ate out each others sweet pussies before the hot fucking began. Next, they took turns riding that cock. It was a thing of beauty when those big beautiful asses were bouncing on that cock. Then, Alessandra rode the cock in her ass and got her ass banged. The action continued until the cream erupted all over both girls.


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Feb 132017


Caty was stranded after her friend stood her up. We decided to cheer her up and help her forget about her worries by giving her two stiff hard cocks. She definitely took the challenge on and jumped in with both feet and hands for that matter. I never saw such a innocent looking girl get so cock hungry. We were all lucky she was stranded.


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Feb 132017


Cristina needed to pay the rent and I was so hospitable to her she was really excited to do the very best she could to please me. She did a striptease for her boyfriend and allowed me and Renato to watch. Renato was filming her with his camera from a different angle and I decided to put that up on our TV. She got a kick out of watching her own ass shake. She gave her boyfriend a lapdance and then the lucky motherfucker got his dick sucked and fucked her doggy style. To top it off she let him poke her in her rear seeing as how she got so hot and bothered with the whole stripper TV set up.


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