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Feb 122017


When you work for powerful, big titty women you had better be on point. Shipping and receiving. Seems pretty straight forward, no…Well, John fucked up on shipping some shit that should have been shipped and had to ship his sorry ass to Devons house so she could straighten him out. He showed up to grovel and she was there to fuck. Her tits greeted John well before she did and that was probably the moment that she straightened him out for real. He shipped of and packed something in her ass that she received willingly and gleefully. The titties bounced as her ass received his package and to everyones surprise, Johns package had a surprise delivery for her titties…


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Feb 122017


Katja is amazing. When you see her perform you are going hurt your wrist. Her body is jaw dropping and mind blowing. Her ass and legs are so plump and firm. The shape of her ass is in a dimension of its own. Her tits are large and very distracting. She took this dick in every way possible and loved it her ass while her pussy was fingered. She will put a smile on your face while your dick is in your hand. This movie will never be forgotten.


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Feb 122017


When the world gives you lemons what do you do? If you are like Renato and Richie, you squeeze those fuckers like some plump, firm titties and see what you can get out of them. On a day with nothing to do, they went to the gym to hunt some fitness pussy and came up with a full house of pussy lips and hard nipples. Anngel was down to get down with a little 3 way action and she got it. The shit got nasty as our angelic starlet got flipped and fucked and done up like a Kenny Rogers Roaster. The shit was hot like that. They even got to stick it in her pooper or ,SIIHP for those in the know…We just hope she will be back for another workout soon, becuause she gives new meaning to hard workout.


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Feb 122017


Two limos, 20 plus girls…Essential ingredients for a fucking amazing party. All the honeys got loose tonite and the camera was loving them for it. Two lucky girls were chosen at the end of the party for the nightcap. Johnny picked two hot ones too. He also got lucky cuz one of them was down for some anal. Another amazing night.


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Feb 122017

So Billy tells me that there is this hot ass latina babe named Laurie with her friend Evie shopping for some art for their new apartment. I know better, so off we went to meet up with them. We get there and it was great. Two naturally busty chicas with fat round bubble butts and great faces. Amazing. We get back to the pad and it was on and popping. Laurie and Evie showed us how friendly they really were with each other by sucking on each others tits, tons of mutual pussy licking, even some ass rimming. They got all hot and bothered just in time for Billy to come on in. He served up some fresh meat and the blowjobs were underway. Tons of pussy fucking and even some anal went down. I love my latinas. Enjoy.

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Feb 122017


Today we have missy joining us for the first time. I asked her if she knew that this position required some nude modeling and she said she sure did and had no problem with it whatsoever! She is the freaky type, She gives my boy Billy an amazing blow job and even does a little bit of anal aswell. I think well be calling her again real soon sometime in the near future.


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Feb 122017


Everyone needs to bow down to these two curve goddesses. Whatever you are into ass, tits, nice pussy lips these sexy vixens have it all and love to flaunt it. It might be hard to accept that these two gluteal hemispheres are occupying the same space at the same time but once you see them oiled up ridding the cock all logic is abandoned. Just enjoy the wild action.


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Feb 122017


Lucye has been getting fucked all day. You would think she would be tired since I had been fucking her all morning, but she just takes a dicking and keeps on licking. She could have been doing something else, anything else but she wanted me to call Renato, Tony and Leslie so they could dick her around some more. Now thats conviction. A girl this hot could be out getting guys to buy her shit and drive her around all day. Instead, she spent her afternoon getting fucked. Again. By 3 dicks. What a trooper. What a horny little girl. She put in work and all of her holes got worked. She taught the guys about deep throating. The guys taught her a thing or 3 about being on time. You will just have to watch and see what I mean.


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Feb 122017


Another cold day always reminds me of how warm a pussy feels inside, so me and Renato decided to walk around hunting. After a few blocks I spotted a blond talking on the phone, and at the same time Tony saw more prey across the monument. After a while of conversation, Missy decided to come hang out, and so did Olga. We got back to my place, my pants came off and the party started. Olga was the first one to suck my dick and let me tell you deepthroat has a new meaning. Tony was going crazy cause Missy was so tight, and the whole time we switched back and forth. After fucking for a while… Olga asked me to put it in her ass..Enjoy..


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