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Feb 022017


Nikki, Carmella and Angelina discover an ancient text about their descendants. It tells the story of how they began the race of big cocked men in the kingdom of Brazzeria. It begins with King Jordan, who suffered from a small cock and would chop off every girls head that would ridicule it. Until one day he was sick of this terrible ordeal and called upon his servant to fetch the castles sorceress to concoct a potion to enable him to have the largest, most divine cock in the whole kingdom!


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Feb 022017


Diamond Foxxx is walking through the park trying to find some new big cocks to bring home to fuck. She judges men by the oldest techniques in the book… guessing how big their dicks are by the size of their shoes. On the court, she notices Johnny playing some ball with this friend, and getting pwned at it, all because of his giant feet. Johnny’s bad day turns into an afternoon to remember, as this Milf picks him for her next conquest.


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Jan 302017


Angelina, Carmella and Sienna are having a girls night at Sienna’s house. The rule of the night is no guys allowed! Angelina, the nympho that she is, is feeling really horny!While the girls are all watching a scary movie she gets away to call her boyfriend over cause she can’t fight her craving any longer!He comes over to find the ladies playing naked twister and instantly gets a boner. Once the ladies see her boyfriend with his package bulging, the rule of the night changed to fucking Johnny’s big cock till we all cum!!


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Jan 292017


Diamond is Scott’s anal addicted girlfriend. She loves having his big cock in her ass. Scott is really tired today and since he can’t get her off his cock, he chains her to the stairwell. Diamond gets really horny and manages to free herself form the chain then she storms into Scott’s bedroom and has him fuck her big ass!


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Jan 292017


Nikki Sexx hired a personal trainer to make shore her two girls are ready for the boys this summer. As she pumps hard throughout her workout her trainer Johnny is mesmerized by her gigantic tits and plops his face right between them. Obviously Nikki is O.K with this and ends up getting Johnny’s special workout.


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Jan 292017


Two teams of 4 are playing a competitive game of curling. Holly, Tanya and Carmella really want to win and are willing to do anything to win. They go out of their way flashing their big tits to distract the men on the other team. At the end of the game, they get their wish and show their gratitude to their coach Mr. Sins.


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Jan 292017


Jayden and Johnny are going through a hard time as a couple. Johnny is not sure he wants to have sex with just Jayden for the rest of his life and Jayden is sick of the TPC bullshit. They go see Dr. Marie to help them save their relationship. Dr. Marie helped them revive the flame by fucking the shit out of them and showed them how to satisfy each other.


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