Jan 212018


It’s my brother’s turn to do the dishes and we both hate this chore the most. Our strict parents will punish both of us if chores aren’t done when they get home in themorning. I see him sleeping in his bed, it’s 8pm, I know he is faking it.

I tease him and try to get him up. He doesn’t even wake up when I fart in his face. I keep expecting him to jump up, chase me, and wrestle with me like he usually does, he sleeps and ignores me. I punch him in his cock to try to wake him, and he tears up, but still sleeps. I smile big with a naughty thought, “What if I yanked it off?” I know my brother doesn’t want me to see his penis, he’s shy, and he could just get me off of him if he took his lazy ass downstairs to do the dishes. I am so frustrated, but secretly I enjoy any sort of physical contact with him.

My brother is a handsome boy and when I am near him my heart races. In the past, I have teased him to thepoint of wrestling with me, and my skin is hot with excitement when his body is close to mine. I thoroughly enjoy peeking inside his pajama pants to look at his cock, and when I see it, I’m surprised, and a little grossed out.

It’s not really what I expected but it’s intriguing. I poke at it, prod at it, and comment on the skin, color, and odd way the balls move inside the sack when pushed. I smell him. I lose myself in my curiosity, I have never touched nor seen one before. I pull at it in the hopes of waking him up, yank, yank, yank, and finally I see him looking at me tugging on his penis like it’s taffy, I’m such an inexperienced girl. I gasp and recoil when his eyes meet mine. I expect him to chase me, to tell me I’m a pervert, wrestle me to the floor tickling me until I cry, as he usually does. He sits up instead and smiles.

He likes it. He wants to make an arrangement, thechores in exchange for me kissing on it. “On it?! What if Mom comes home early and sees.” My older brother always has the most clever ideas, and suggests that we move under the blankets. He coaches me how to suck him like a woman his own age. I try to hide my enthusiasm that my handsome brother is actually into me. I start to feel something wet in my panties, it frightens me, but he wants to see. I initiate sex with my brother, I am careful, slow, it’s my first time. He cums inside of me and I orgasm, we watch it leak out for a couple seconds, and I push his hard cock inside of me again. I cum a second time, my eyes roll in the back of my head. I love sex and I love my brother.

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Jan 212018


I walk into my son’s quiet room, he’s been pouting all day into the night. I hate it that he’s mad at me. I tried to explain to him how I had to take away his science lab, he was getting a bit too obsessed. It’s not normal to believe in science fiction. His friend’s mother called me and told me the boys were experimenting on a project that is too absurd to repeat. I had to put an end do it.

I see him laying in bed and I try to cheer him up, “we’ll go out tomorrow, just me and you.” There is no reaction in his face as he crosses his arms in defiance. I kiss him, yes, he is too old, but I kiss him because he can never pout if I am kissing his lips. I walk to my bedroom and close the door, I try to read to get my mind off the boy. He’s spending too much time on nonsense, and later on in life he will thank me for getting him out of this odd stage in his life. I fall asleep.

In his words..

“Mom took all my experiments from me but she didn’t realize she was too late. She thought I was pouting but I was merely contemplating on which woman I want to take first. When mom was leaning over me, her cardigan sweater folded open and I could clearly see her supple breasts in a pink satin bra. My cock twitched in my pajama pants, I never felt so turned on by my mother. I always knew she was beautiful but tonight she made my cock hard. She left, in an apologetic sort of way, mumbling about how we were going to spend the day together, and I looked closely at her thighs, then up towards her pajama shorts, silky, accenting her tight ass.

When I woke up inside of Mom’s body by head felt a little dizzy, lifting an arm took less effort, her arms are lighter than mine. I touch my chest and feel her bra, and I am filled with excitement. My cock is so hard, throbbing, I reach down and realize that of course– I have a pussy! I explore my body and try to cum. It feels so good, but I can’t get over the edge. I come so close to busting my nut, but I just can’t quite make it. I look at the door and get an idea! I am going to fuck my own body

I walk to my bedroom and my head is full of mischief. This wasn’t the original plan. I just wanted to play in her body for an hour, maybe two, and when morning came she would be inside her own body. She would have never knew that I swapped bodies with her. I feel my pussy lips shift against each other, slippery with her womanly juices, as I walk to her. I peel off the covers and tell her the deal.

Yes, I have swapped bodies. I know she is shocked with me, furious even, but if she wants her body back she will need to do as I say. I have stroked my penis so many times, I know just how to touch it to make her want more. I look into her eyes and tell her how I just want to “borrow it.” I fuck my own body and feel my own, brand new pussy getting penetrated. I sigh, moan, and the sound coming out of my lips is that of my mother‘s, it turns me on. She cums inside of me and it oozes out. I want to keep her body, for a week at least. I tell her she is grounded, she won’t be leaving the room unless I tell her to. She’s going to be my personal fuck doll all week long.

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Jan 212018


Allie comes in from school and slams the door, her brother follows behind her. He heard from his friends that Allie was being bullied by the other girls for having small breasts. She reluctantly tells him, “it’s true, they called me Allie A cups,” she looks away from him, “but not all is lost for me.” He pushes her on what she could mean by that vague statement, she admits, “I’ve figured out a way to buy breast implants!” Allie listens to her brother tell her how perfect she is, and how any guy would want her, and she rolls her eyes.

“If you honestly think guys will think I’m sexy, pull down your pants and show me,” she tells him in her matter-of-fact tone. He doesn’t want to show himself to her, but she is easy to persuade him, “it’s not sexual, it’s like a sort of experiment.” She orders him to touch her perfect A-cup breasts as she stares as his penis, and then back at his eyes looking for any reaction. “I knew it, liar.” His penis is flaccid, he’s shocked at what she wants him to do, and confused at why he is doing it, but then he allows himself to be in the moment, for just a second, his cock twitches. Allie gasps, “oh! I’ve got to touch it. I’ve never seen one up close.” His cock grows erect and her pussy gets wet. Dirty things race through her mind. Allie’s the type of girl who knows how to get exactly what she wants, and she sweetly manipulates her brother to prove to her that her A cups will drive a boy wild, any boy, even her own brother.

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Jan 212018


Prelude: Allie is having a rough day. She put on her prettiest dress to go out with her boyfriend but her father told her that she won’t be going out unchaperoned with boys. She texted her boyfriend the bad news but had a plan to sneak out and see him. Instead of waiting for night to come he broke up with her, over text message! “I’m only young once and I need to see someone,” he coldly wrote to her. She fell asleep, and when she woke up when she heard the front door close, Dad must have gone to work. She looked at her end table where she hides a vibrator.

She turns it on but it doesn’t vibrate, she shakes it, and still it doesn’t move, ” batteries.” She hears her brother playing video games downstairs in the living room. She goes down stairs in search of AA batteries. He gets annoyed when she starts looking for batteries in the TV remote, he asks, “what do you need them for?” “It’s none of your business.” She goes back into her room and, YES, the batteries bring her vibrator to life! The brother sneaks and watches her in the keyhole as she makes herself cum, her pretty little pink nipples match her pretty little pink pussy. He opens the door, he didn’t think about what he would do after opening the door, it was a primal impulse to turn the knob of the door and walk in. He stood there with his jaw hanging open as Allie clutched a pillow to hide herself. “Get out of myroom!”

He stayed for a long three seconds until he realized how wrong it was to walk in on her, his face flushed red with embarrassment, he turned to walk out. “Wait..” he obeyed her and turned to face her, “you’re not going to tell, are you?” She bit her pillowy pink lip and her brother realized her lips are the same shade of pink and her nipples, and her pussy lips.

She told him her predicament, how unfair it is to live in a home where she is kept captive by her over protective father, she wants to experience life like her friends, she wants to go out with boys, why shouldn’t she? He empathized with her, she asks him, “do you think I’m pretty?” She reveals her body to the boy up close. She wants to be touched. She wants to experience a boy. If her father won’t let her go out, she wants to see her brother. He’s obviously curious to see her too, she justifies the bizarre and perverted thought. She wants him to rub himself up against her, just to feel a little what it would be like…

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Jan 212018


Allie Summers sneaks down the hallway on her tip toes. She knows her parents are downstairs and they have scolded her for going into her brother’s room in the past. If the old floor boards creak loudly, they might discover she’s up to no good. She’s usually up to no good if she’s left alone, she thinks it’s hilarious to crawl under her brother’s bed and wait for him to come near, she’ll grab and pull at his ankle making the tall boy fall down hard, face down, on the floor. It’s not like he doesn’t prank her too, and she doesn’t find being pranked amusing at all. Little Allie likes to be in charge, it’s who she is, she’s a sweet girl, capable of giving a lot of affection and happiness to those she loves, but she’s a dominant girl who knows what she wants, says exactly what she’s thinking, and she doesn’t appreciate the unexpected.

Allie lays patiently under her brother’s bed. She looks at her watch, he should have been home 10 minutes ago. She looks around under the bed, some wadded tissues, that have something gross inside of them. She sees a bottle of lotion and a pile of dirty magazines right by the tissues. She puts two and two together and knows what he’s been up to, she rolls her eyes, but then her curiosity gets the better of her. She opens a magazine. She sees raw, passionate sex, a blonde woman with massive implanted tits getting pile drived by a bronze-tanned, muscular man, he’s barring his teeth at her, her pussy is visibly wet, and the scene makes her gasp. She flips through the magazine and her imagination allows the still images to create a moving picture in her head. She touches herself. She tries to imagine that she is the woman in the magazine, but her body looks nothing like like surgery-enhanced hard bodied women. Her pussy feels wet, but she can’t cum. Her brows furrow. This is her burden. She can never cum. She looks at her brother’s wadded up cum tissues, it looks like he has no problem at all cumming. She begins to feel envious, he can go over the edge and have a real, strong orgasm. Is he able to put himself into the scenes in his mind? How does he do it? The front door opens, she hears it and she takes her wet fingers and wipes them on her skirt, she lays there, ready to pounce. He comes in as she predicts, and once she sees his ankle, she reaches her little hand out and pulls it under with everything she’s got. He falls down harder than he’s ever fallen before, and he face goes from laughing to concern.

“Are you ok?” She asks him in concern. She realizes that he’s serious, he wants her to stop with the pranks. She nods her head as she listens to her fed up brother. His eyes jet to where she was laying, he wonders if she saw his hidden collection. His face is flush with embarrassment, “just go to your room,” he tells her. She doesn’t move. Allie wants something from him. He can cum and she can not. “When I touch myself,” she confesses shyly, “it feels good, but I don’t get that explosion that I‘ve heard about from my girlfriends, read about in books, and I really want to experience an orgasm. ” (Watch the story unfold..)

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Jan 212018


Last night Mommy kissed her boy goodnight and experimented with how he would react if she used a little tongue. Her tongue grazed his lower lip as she open-mouth kissed him softly and full of passionate breath, her son recoiled and turned his head. There was an awkward pause and an equally uncomfortable silence. She left his room that night full of embarrassment and regret.

The following day her regret turned to disappointment, and her disappointment turned to anger. How could she raise such an inconsiderate and ungrateful boy? She comes into his bedroom tonight with a new plan to get what she wants. He wants it too, otherwise why would he be flaunting himself in front of her? How many times has he got out of the shower and flaunted himself as he walked upstairs with his muscular, yet boyish body is fully exposed except for a thin terrycloth towel wrapped around his waist. She explains to him all the ways that made her want him, and it’s not her fault she wants him so badly. He made her want him. Her son looks down at the floor as Mommy explains that sometimes, even if you don’t feel the same way about a woman, you have to be a good, generous boy and “give.” There is one more thing he needs from her in life, and she will withhold it from him if he doesn’t cooperate. He raises his brow, wondering if his mom could be so wicked. She puts her hand on his thigh, sweetly, and he feels his mother’s familiar warmth once again, she moves in for a kiss. She wants him to take off his pj pants to reveal himself fully to her.

He’s hard for her, and she knows he wants it too. She shows him with her sweet motherly kisses just how he is to behave for her. “Let Mommy taste you,” she purrs.

Mommy gets on top of his long, thick cock and gasps as she is spread open, she lowers herself onto his cock, inch by inch, and orders him to “thrust inside of Mommy.” She teaches the boy how to fully please her. He can’t keep his eyes off her angelic face as she moans and smiles, satisfied. He thrusts faster, “deeper,” as she instructs, her eyes are locked on his. She cums on his cock as he cums all over her swollen, pink pussy.

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Jan 212018


I put the box outside by the door, rang the bell, and hurried to my bedroom. I had no clue if the chip would work inside the sexy toy, or worse– Mom would catch me in the act. I pressed my ear to the wall and listened to her open the box, she gasped in surprise. I heard her ruffle through her purse and I knew she was looking for her phone, fuck– she’s going to call Dad and know that the sex toy didn’t come from him. I held my breath as I waited for her to text me, she thinks I’m at baseball practice. The text came in, “coming home for dinner soon?” I smile hopeful she’ll start the process soon, “no, I’ll be very late. Go ahead and start without me.” Seconds later I hear the soft buzz of the toy. I sneak out of my room to watch her turn.

Mom looks like a goddess as she slides her panties down and puts the vibrating egg up and down her clit. My mouth salivates as I see her pussy moisten, and she throws her head back in pleasure. The chip is programmed for her to completely lose her inhibitions, and I can tell it’s working as she bucks her hips welcoming the chrome egg to spread her wide open. She grabs the remote and turns up the vibration causing her to have an orgasm that nearly collapses her. I watch as the shards of green in her eyes are replaced with white and I know the process is nearly complete.

I walk in and grab the remote. She sits up and I program her to confess to me the deepest secrets of her thoughts about me. Mom is brutally honest and one confession makes me wince. She reminds me that I can program her in any way that I choose. I choose to let her out of the trance some-what so that she can move more fluidly, but I keep her mind under control. I want to feel her mouth on my cock. I’m obsessed with her perfect lips, warm and soft as they kiss me on the cheek. I’m dying to feel them wrapped around me as I fuck her pretty robotic face. I allow my mother to feel pleasure, I’m not an asshole, this has got to be good for her too. I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy. My mom is so tight, so warm, wet, she squeezed my cock as I thrust in and out of her. Wet cum dribbled out of her pussy, down to her ass, and when she came she squeezed me deep inside of her.

Don’t worry. Mom won’t remember a thing. I pull up my pants, remove the chip, the egg slides out of her tight pussy, and I can’t wait to play with her as soon as we’re alone again.

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Jan 212018


My hot little sister came downstairs to see me watching a movie. I already agreed to let her have the house to herself while her cheer squad practices their dance routine. I’ve decided to stay in. Wouldn’t you if this hot little redhead was your sister and strutting around in her slutty little cheerleader skirt? Just the idea of her and her hot girlfriends bouncing around in the living room made my cock twitch to attention and I knew I had to break my promise.

My promise isn’t the only thing I want to break. My hottie sister is begging to be broken in. She puts on airs like she is a proper, preppy, princess, but I know the little bitch is in heat. I sneak in her room to catch a whiff of her sweet little pussy in her dirty panties from time to time, and under her bed I saw a tiny cucumber full of pussy juice, the ultimate jackpot! It’s been my dream to try out a dark medicine I bought, if it works, I will be the happiest boy in the word.

I’ve got video evidence to show you that it worked, I know there is no way anyone would believe me otherwise. Watch as she struts down the stairs, her curly red hair tied in pig tails, she turned off the TV and told me to leave. I pulled out her perfume bottle, where I added the medicine, and spritzed her face. She inhaled deeply and *achoo!* She still had her mind about her, I started to think I wasted my precious money, but then I wished she would stop still in her tracks… and she did! I willed her to drop her bag, and she did. I saw that whatever I wished she would do, she did for me. I wanted her to dance for me, not that silly little cheer that she does in the auditorium at school, but something hotter.

I had her ruffling through her bag and sticking things in her pussy, moaning, her eyes crossing, rolling in the back of her head when she hit her sweet spot. My little sister makes the sweetest, sexiest moans when she cums. I knew she was into it, her mind wasn’t turned yet, but the more I sprayed the perfume, the more doll-like she became. I wanted her to bend over and take my thick cock, and her pussy was so wet and tight. I thrusted into her little pink flower until I came.

The cheerleader squad came in just as we were catching our breath. There was the head cheerleader, Lana the blonde with massive tits, Jill, the petite stunner, Stella, the doe-eyed hottie with a bob cut. Allie looked at the girls crossed eyed as my cum leaked out of her, “hey girls,” she managed to say, “check out my brother’s new perfume.” They gasped!

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