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Nov 012017


I love going to the beach with my family! My Dad even let me bring my best friend Esmi with us. I was relaxing in the condo after doing some shopping the other day when my brother told me something very strange. He said he met a girl at the beach and he really liked her. My brother said he thought she wanted to have sex but he was worried he might not do it right. This was weird because I KNOW MY BROTHER IS GAY!!! He’s had a bunch of boyfriends, but he said he thought he might be straight now — even though he’s never fucked a girl. I’ve always thought my brother was cute so I figured I’d help him out. I called my best friend over to help, she’s even sluttier than me so I thought she might know a few tricks. We started sucking my gay brother’s cock and it got rock hard, maybe my brother’s not as gay as I thought… I told My brother it was time for him to fuck my best friend. Esmi slid off her panties and warned him not to go soft. My gay brother seemed to do ok, but he wasn’t fucking her hard enough. I got behind my him and pushed, I had to show him that girls like being fucked really hard. I guess my brother fucks guys a lot slower. Then it was my turn, I sat on my brother’s fat cock and I actually came!! Not to bad for a gay guy..My gay brother asked if he could try doggy with me and I said yes. He still wasn’t fucking hard enough so Esmi helped him out. I think he finally started to get the hang of it, so Esmi made out with me and watched my brother pound my little pussy. Then she told my gay brother he had to cum on my asshole. I guess he did pretty good for his first time. I think with a little more help from his sister my brother will be straight in no time 😉

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Oct 312017


Don’t be mad at me… I know you told me to not come in your room anymore but I really need to talk to you. You’re my brother, I need you, please… I know you’re worried but you don’t have to be… Nothing bad is going to happen, please trust me. I know we can be happy together….

***Starring Shane Blair & a REAL creampie from her brother***

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Oct 312017


It’s a camera silly. You don’t think it’s cool? Yeah I just got it. I thought it would be fun baby… Well, to record us, together… It’s just for us, nobody else will ever see it sweetie, I promise… Okay I’ll turn it off for now, but just think about it, I think it could be fun…. pt.1 of 3

***Starring Molly Mae***

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Oct 312017


Dad… c’mon, stop it. I have dinner reservations with Andrew in a half hour. I have to get out of here… No, I can’t cancel, he’s my husband, and anyway he made them over a month ago… Dad, you’re terrible, are ever not horny? Seriously, I have to get going… I’ll see you again soon… I love you too Dad….

***Starring Bailey Brooke***

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Oct 312017


I have a son and a daughter STILL living at home, I work 60 hours a week, and I have a crazy cunt for a wife who never fucks me anymore. Needless to say I’m a little stressed out. So I started fucking my slutty daughter now and then, so what?!! Can you blame me? I know I’m not gonna win any Father of the year awards, but at least I put food on the table! So I was pretty upset when I came home from work yesterday and saw my dirtbag son geting his dick sucked by my daughter Molly. My son was a little freaked out too. Molly told me she wasn’t fucking anyone else, but I guess she’s been fucking my son and God knows who else all along. But I decided why waste an opportunity do something with my son that we both enjoy. I wore a condom though, my son really gets around and I couldn’t risk giving my wife an STD. My son and I really took my daughter to pound town!!! I even FUCKED HER ASSHOLE while my boy pounded her snatch. Then we covered her in our cum. WHAT A SLUT! I’m still disappointed my daughter lied to me, but at least my son and I got to spend some quality time together for a change. I guess we’re more alike than I thought…

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Oct 312017


Mother is always nagging me. “Clean your room,” “Stop playing video games and do your homework,” “Take out the trash,” Clean your room again, it looks like s#*t.” Nothing is ever good enough for her. I really try to be a good son, but Mother is never happy. I decided I’M FUCKING DONE. No more yes Mom, whatever you say Mom. I decided Mother will do WHATEVER I SAY from now on. I’ll admit it wasn’t entirely my own idea. I have a friend at college who knows about my problem. He had a problem similar to mine – except it was his girlfriend who was nagging him all the time. Last week he told me he bought a strange experimental serum that turns any woman who drinks it into a subservient slut who will do anything and everything they are told. He wouldn’t tell me where he got it – but he did sell me some. I didn’t believe it would actually work but my buddy’s never lied to me before. I tried it the next day. Mother was bitching at me about how lazy she thinks I am and then told me to get her some iced tea, it was the perfect opportunity. My Mom only drank a little of the special tea I gave her, but I was astonished, in less than a minute she was completely under my control and sucking my cock!!! Mother did exactly as I instructed her. I fucked my Mom in every way I pleased and then came inside her. The effects of the serum wore off after a few hours, leaving Mother groggy and with a slight headache. She had no memory of what happened and was back to her normal bitchy self. All I know is I need to get a part time job ASAP. I need more money. I’m going to buy as much slut serum as I can get my hands on!!! ***Starring Melanie Hicks & a REAL creampie from her angry horny son***

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Oct 312017


The Good Daughter

Daddy please don’t leave. Stay with me for a little while… I knew you were watching me Daddy… I don’t care about that, please Daddy you’re all I think about. You don’t have to do anything, I’ll just touch you. Just stay Daddy, we both want this….

Love Me

So what? Go away. It doesn’t matter who I fuck, I thought you wanted me to leave you alone… Why do you care what I do? What do you want from me?… You can fuck your little sister if that’s what you want. I’ll stay… I love you too brother… I’ve only ever wanted you….

Big Sister’s Secret Toy

No little brother, I want to play with you now… That’s right, because I’m your big sister, and that means I’m in charge… You’re going to be a good boy, right? And do everything I say? That’s very good… Your big sister loves you very very much….

***Three full length videos starring ElenaKoshka***

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Oct 272017


I. Brother Blackmails Cheating Sister – FUCK!!! I’m tired of fapping to my little sister’s dirty panties and spying on her in the shower. SHE FUCKS EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! It’s my turn, Goddamn it! I don’t care if I’m a sick pervert. I’ve taken care of her for years, I think I’ve earned the right to a little pussy from her once in awhile… And now I’ve finally figured out how to get it. I went though my sister’s phone and found a bunch of dirty texts and naked pics she sent to some random guy. I’m pretty sure her boyfriend wouldn’t be very happy if I forwarded him the texts. My little sister is doing yoga in her room right now. I think I’ll stop by and let her know my good news. I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out…. II. Psycho Brother Won’t Stop – My little Sister hasn’t been as compliant as I had hoped for… Once I blackmailed her and fucked her, I was convinced she would fall in love with me rather quickly. It’s been over a week and my sister Tiffany barely looks at me when I enter a room, and just walks away when I try to explain my actions or apologize. I know some would consider my methods cruel, possibly insane, but I have a greater purpose in mind… If I could just get my little sister to see that we’re perfect for each other… I’ve chain smoked out on the porch too long thinking about this over and over. I know it’s very late, but I think I’ll go to Tiffany’s room and try one more time to make this work…. III. Sister’s Warm Welcome – My Brother has been gone for almost six months. I didn’t even say bye to him before he left for college. I hated him so much. Blackmailing and manipulating me into having sex with him, he was such a bastard. He’s lucky I never got pregnant. I tried to resist him, but he just kept pushing over and over again. And then I started hating myself because part of me liked it, and didn’t want it to stop… A few months after he left I finally started to come to terms with what happened between us, and my feelings about it. And I realized that I missed my brother more than anything. I know it was fucked up that he made me have sex with him in the first place, but I don’t care anymore. I want it to happen again. Now I know I love my brother just as much as he loved me. He got home from college a few hours ago for spring break. I think he’s watching TV right now. It’s about time to go have a little talk with my brother, I have some good news for him…. ***Starring Tiffany Bannister & 2 REAL creampies + 1 facial from her psycho/loving brother***

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