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Oct 212017


Go lay down. I’m serious, let me finish doing theĀ laundry. What do you want? Well thanks but I don’t need any help right now… Don’t talk to me like that… Stop it, you’re my brother… It doesn’t matter what I do with other guys, that’s none of your business. Please just go take a nap or something and let me finish this….

***Starring Veronica Dean & a REAL creampie from her brother***

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Oct 202017


No little brother, I want to play with you now… That’s right, because I’m your big sister, and that means I’m in charge… You’re going to be a good boy, right? And do everything I say? That’s very good… Your big sister loves you very very much….

***Starring Elena Koshka & a REAL creampie from her little brother***

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Oct 202017


Everyone needs to bow down to these two curve goddesses. Whatever you are into ass, tits, nice pussy lips these sexy vixens have it all and love to flaunt it. It might be hard to accept that these two gluteal hemispheres are occupying the same space at the same time but once you see them oiled up ridding the cock all logic is abandoned. Just enjoy the wild action.

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Oct 202017


Ladies and Gents, this is what i call super mega colossal monstrous ass. Olivia and her big booty friend put on a show for all of us. This could be the next broadway hit, there was poolside ass clapping, smacking, bouncing and shaking among other talents. If you thought that was it for this number you are mistaken. The girls took the action inside with two dicks and devoured them. See for yourself how act two unfolded.

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Oct 202017


Phoenix invited me on a camping trip out in the woods somewhere. I was almost starting to think she was fucking with me cuz it took me forever to find her. But once I did, it was worth the wait. She was wearing what has to be the second best camping outfit next to being naked. She knew I was gonna be filming her and that I would take pictures but she didnt know that I brought Billy along. But shes a good girl she played along and after showing us the goods she took us back to her tent. This is where the party really started. You guys already know what I mean…ass licking, 69ing, sucking, fucking…all the things one does when they go camping.

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Oct 202017


Milk definitely does the body good. Jenny proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. She was taking a milk bath when I decided to raid her bathroom and see what she was up to. She started teasing me while pouring pure white milk all over her monstrous curves. When you see that milk all over her the only thing you can think of is grabbing a bowl and spoon nad eating some ass chex. Billy was the lucky bastard who actually got to taste those huge ass chunks covered in milk. Got milk isnt even the question. Got ass is much healthier for your sex life. Billy had so much of that ass, his face ended up on the back of a milk carton.

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Oct 202017


Luscious Lopez is one fine ass chef. She invited us over to have some of her fine cooking but once we got there… there wasnt much cooking going on. Her sexy ass showing threw that apron made me hungry for some roast. Her GIANT ass will have to do. Anal was on the menu as well. Needless to say I cant wait for the next invitation.

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Oct 202017


Im usually apprehensive about having the maid clean the room while getting ready but who can refuse a big ass and a smile. Kristina walked in wearing a short french maid outfit exposing her goddess like curves, thick in all the right places. She was going about her business cleaning bending over teasing me with her phenomenal ass when she noticed my cock was rock hard. She immediately got on her knees and gave me the best blow job ever. I fucked her all over the hotel room in every position imaginable. I almost came a few times but i survived her tight moose knuckle grip style and blasted my man juice all over her huge ass.

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