Jul 152017


Today I received a shock, a previous girl I’d interviewed turned up, though I didn’t recognise her from Adam. Not a scooby doo. I should have because she was fucking stunning! So she started telling me that the first time around she was very shy and timid. But between now and then she had done some porn shoots and her confidence was swelling. Good, that’s what I like to hear. So I gave her a second chance (at being fucked over) and get to work on her. Like I said, stunning. Perfect little body, slender and sexy. With amazing natural tits and a perfectly formed arse. How the fuck could I have forgotten this? Anyway, after dispensing with the usual finger and thumb treatment I get her lips around my shaft. It was at this point the penny dropped… I remember this girl! Stella is the girl with no gag reflex, and I mean none. Even when I pushed my cock cock so hard down her throat it nearly popped out of her arse, she still didn’t batter an eyelid. Fucking amazing. She also had no problem slipping my cock into her arse either. Well babe you certainly have come a long way from the shy slip of a girl you were a year ago. Today you made me a very happy man. Pity your still not going to get any work out of me. Oh well, hey ho. Next.

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Jul 152017


This college student was well hot, though maybe not the sharpest tool in the box as she tried giving me her student card for a discount. With not enough money to pay she agreed to suck my cock but seemed more worried about missing her exam than anything else. But wasn’t long before she was well into it and I even managed to slip my cock up her tight arse.

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Jul 142017


After a hard days fucking, I like to settle down with a bottle of 18yr old single malt. Well, earlier that day a different kind of 18yr old turned up at my door, unannounced. At first I thought there was no way this bird was 18, but she had brought along her passport which validated her date of birth. Thank fuck for that, because Stella was one hot Italian babe and as soon as I saw her I wanted to get straight in her knickers. It didn’t take long to find out that she was interested in doing porn and stripping off her clobber for me. Wow, this girl has got amazing natural tits… Got to be at least Double D’s… Fuck, probably F’s… Great tits, and from such a petite frame. Then she revealed her arse. Both pert and petite. Perfect. After getting her to bring herself off I thought I’d test the water by sliding my finger in her arsehole. Amazingly she fucking loved it. Game on. Now came the sword swallowing test… Guys and girls, I have never, and I mean never, encountered cock swallowing skills like this before! Stella literally has no gag reflex, at all. Down my cock went, at one point I thought I was going to bruise her lung. Fuck me, this was amazing. It takes a lot to impress me and I was very impressed. Now it was time to send the old boy home, into pussy town. My God this was a tight fresh hole. Damn thing kept shutting me out. Lucky I’ve got a battering ram for a cock which bashed straight back in there. Missionary, doggy then got her on top where I speed fucked her until she didn’t know whether she was cumming or going. To finish off I got her to wank and suck the spunk right out of my cock… Fair do’s, today, this Italian babe made an old man very happy. Enjoy.


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Mar 032017


Natalia and Keiran are marking their summer calendars days off. Natalia is getting ready to leave for college and Keiran made a bet with his buddies that he could finally convince his girlfriend Natalia to do the 69 position with him before the summer ends. Time is running out as the final days of summer are approaching. Keiran is on the verge of losing the bet and Natalia is still not comfortable with trying new positions. What will it take for Keiran to make this summer last forever?


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Feb 252017


Voodoo bought his lovely boss, Alexis a present for Christmas. She was looking luscious behind her desk with those juicy jugs almost popping out. He asked about the annual bonuses and Alexis explained how they were cancelled due to cutbacks. Alexis felt bad about not being able to give him a bonus so she decided to cheer him up with a big booby bonus. She stuck those huge tits in his face and bounced them around. Then, she pulled down her skirt and spread out over the desk as Voodoo munched her pussy. Alexis got on her knees and slobbered all over that cock and titty fucked him. Then, she laid out on her desk and got her pussy plowed. Then, she rode that cock as her luscious fun bags bounced up and down. Finally, Alexis engulfed that dick with her enormous tits and titty fucked cream all over her juicy jugs.


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Feb 242017


I had no idea that the realestate market is ran by only hot fucking men. When he arrived, I tried to stay on the topic of selling my house, but I could not control myself. I knew that he was working for me, for the time being and I took advantage. I let my huge tits pop out and he couldnt resist. I have never been fucked so good, and its been years since my husband left me. He put me in every position you could imagine, and licked my ass so good my toes curled up. I love how a woman with big tits in a higher position could just take over a man.. Enjoy.


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