Jan 042017


You’re a married man now, & I’m afraid you’re slipping out of My grasp. I must regain control of you in order to control My husband’s (your father’s) fortune. You come over to have your father sign some papers, but I’m waiting for you, ready to mesmerize you again. You can’t help but stare at My thighs covered in black pantyhose, and you fall under My spell. While you’re under, I reveal to you that I’m pregnant & I lie to you & tell you that it’s yours. I implant the memory of you having sex with Me.

(The tension builds until it’s too much. You rip my pantyhose & shove your big cock inside me. I tell you to fuck step-mommy & you drill me until I cum hard. But then… the worst thing happens… and you cum inside me! Oh no! I’m pregnant. What are we going to do?)

Once you’re awake, your subconscious will recall this information, and you will feel your paternal instinct calling to you to protect Me & My unborn son at all costs– even if it means ruining your marriage.


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Jan 042017


Oh hi honey. You’re home early. Well I guess it’s time you met the personal trainer you’ve been paying for. He is so amazing, and he really knows how to fuck. He’s so much better than you. Now that I’ve gotten a taste, I don’t want to have sex with you anymore. He’s a real alpha male, and you’re just a lowly beta. If you want to be part of my sex life from now on, you’ll have to just watch. Get in there close as he does me in so many different positions. Then when he cums on my tits you can lick it all up. This is your new sex life: being cuckolded by your hot wife


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Jan 042017


Son, we need to have a chat about the way you’ve been treating your new father. I know that I told you that you need to grow up & be the man of the house, but that was before I met your new father. Now he’s the man of the house & it’s time for you to accept that. I know you have trouble adjusting to change, so I think rather than just talking to you about this, I need to show you. I need to show you that my new husband is the alpha male around here, and that means that whatever he says goes. He gets to fuck mommy, and we get to enjoy each other’s bodies. Watch him get pleasure from my body. Don’t you dare look away! Come closer & watch your new daddy cum inside mommy’s pussy. Now come even closer. This is the next part of your lesson. You’re going to be mommy’s creampie eater. You must do it if you want to stay in this house. Lick it all up. You need to accept & acknowledge your place.


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Jan 042017


It’s your wedding day, and your mother pulls you into the coat closet at the reception hall. She starts talking about what a beautiful wedding it was, and how your bride is beautiful– also with fair skin & red hair. Mother is a little tipsy & keeps taking swigs from her bottle of wine. She asks what you’re going to do on your wedding night. Sure you’ll have champagne & rose petals… but what she means is: Do you really know how to please your new wife?
All the sudden she’s undoing your belt buckle, and you’re not sure what’s going on at first, but she explains that she wants to show you how to please your wife. You try to fight her off, but you don’t try very hard. Mother has always wanted the best for you, you remember. She kisses your penis, and then to your surprise she starts giving you a blowjob. She tells you to lie down, and she climbs on top of you, putting your hard cock inside of her. It feels so good that you don’t even try to resist. She turns around & rides you backwards, then she fucks you doggystyle. Mommy is so hot. You can’t even believe how good it feels to bed inside her wet pussy. Finally she titty fucks you, and tells you to cum for mommy. This is mother’s wedding present to her son: teaching you some tricks, and then making you cum. She says her motivation is to help you last longer on your wedding night.
You cum all over mommy’s tits, then you hear an announcement over the PA system that they’re looking for the groom. Mommy helps you into your underwear, shoves your swollen, wet cock into your pants & buttons up your shirt. It’s time to go dance with your new wife.


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Jan 042017


You’re my boyfriend & I want to give you a handjob but you’re nervous. I explain that it’s really not a big deal… I do it to my brother all the time. Here, I’ll show you. I call my brother in, and he lets me stroke his cock in front of you. I demonstrate what a handjob looks like, and you’re confused about what’s going on but also aroused. At first I think that you’re turned on by the thought of me touching your cock, and you think that’s why you’re aroused too. But pretty soon it’s clear that you’re rock hard because of my brother’s enormous dick. He shows it off for you, and I ask if you want his cock. The look on your face says you do. I ask if you want to see his cock in action, then my brother & I have sex in front of you. You’re more & more turned on with each thrust of his beautiful, shiny cock.It’s ok if you’re bi. That explains why you can’t always get hard for me. I’m not offended because I know I’m hot. Or maybe you’re completely gay? It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone at school. We can still be friends, and I’ll even pretend to be your girlfriend so no one at school will suspect you’re a faggot. Now open wide & take my brother’s cock. See how much of his cum you can catch in your mouth.


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Jan 042017


You’re probably wondering why I called you in here & asked you to take your clothes off. I know you trust that mommy has a good reason. Your father & I have been trying to get pregnant for a while, and the procedures at the doctor haven’t been working. We can’t afford to try again, so I need your help. I know you’re mommy’s good little helper, and you want to do everything you can to please me. Yes, you’ve been doing a great job with the chores, but it’s time you take on more responsibility. I need you to help mommy make you a little brother or sister. See more at milfantasy.com. Can you handle that? Here, let me just get your penis hard with some licking. Doesn’t that feel good? Now I’m going to climb on top of you & ride like a cowgirl. That feels nice, I’m sure. When you feel something rising up in your penis, I want you to just let it all go. Mommy needs her little helper for impregnation.


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