Feb 242017


Today my boss asked me to come in for a promotion review. Janet had in mind that I would qualify if my dick was big enough. I had to make sure I fucked her to the best of my ability. She has huge fucking tits, and an ass that requires lots of attention. I ate her pussy and fucked her all over her paperwork on her desk. I got the job and gave her a facial she will never forget.. Enjoy..


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Feb 242017


Kylee needed some government contracts approved so she took matter into her own hands. She hired a private detective to tail the senator and get some dirt on him. To seal the deal she pulled a Lewinsky and fucked him herself. That way she would have first hand accounts of how truly perverted he truly is. The senator could not resist Kylee and her giant jugs.


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Jan 312017


Keiran is on an important business trip with Brazzers Airline. He takes his seat and enjoys his flight. As much as he’s trying to get things done before he reaches his destination, he cannot stop from being distracted by the flight attendant Kylee’s Big tits. She purposely distracts him and gets aroused by his reaction. It’ll only take so much before he snaps and lets her know his intentions, which in a way are similar to hers.


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Jan 292017


This is a story of a loving wife, who wants to spend time with her husband. However her husband doesn’t care for her anymore; what was supposed to be a romantic night out for two becomes a boys night out with Kylee feeling left out. Nature has a way of balancing things out as she meets the perfect match for her desperation. Its a silent seduction as she walks away to get a hard fuck in the Men’s room. Both husband and wife leave happy and satisfied.


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