Jan 242018


When Belle Knox got hired by Kendra Lust and her husband Logan to babysit for their date night, all she expected was to have a quiet evening of studying for finals. But when the phone rang and the man on the other end of the line started talking dirty to her, she forgot all about studying! She rubbed her pussy for the mysterious stranger, while Kendra tiptoed in behind her. Kendra surprised the little slut, licking her pussy while the voice on the phone got closer and closer. Finally, the stranger on the line revealed himself as Kendra’s husband Logan! They sucked and fucked his big dick while fingering and licking each other’s wet pussies, and then Logan fired off a big load of jizz for them to share. So much for studying!

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Jan 132018


Slutty Asian teen Alina Li has always been a little more daring than her boyfriend Keiran when it comes to getting caught fooling around. So when her mom gets home from the grocery store while Alina is sucking his fat cock, Keiran gets a little freaked out, but Alina knows that as long as she keeps her head down, she can get away with whatever she wants! She sucks that big dick all the way down to the balls, and then Keiran licks her tight little Asian pussy until she’s cumming hard! Alina sucks and fucks Keiran’s fat cock until she gets the gooey facial that she craves, and all without getting caught!


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Feb 112017


It is incredibly hot when you get 2 very cute teen girls together who are both interested in trying sex with another girl. Vika and Albina are both very shy but as they sit and flirt with each other they just cannot help but kiss and feel each other up. And when Vika’s boyfriend walks into the room both girl decide to try their very first three some. This lucky fucker gets to fuck both of these little hotties. And Vika gets to catch his cum all over her tiny little titties.


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Feb 112017


See the girl next door in action as Tina does her first teen porn movie. This sexy teen loves it while her co-star eats her shaved pussy, making her cream. Then Tina shows her cock-sucking skills before this cute 18 year old cunt gets fucked and we discover just how much Tina loves to be on top and riding a dick.


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Feb 112017


Albina is horny as hell and when she tells her friend about it her friend tells her that her brother is back in town for the weekend from the University. Well Albina has had a crush on her friend’s brother for a very long time and now that she has turned 18 she is ready to take what she wants. The girls convince the guy to read poetry to Albina while she sits on the floor and listens and he doesn’t even notice his sister grab the camera.


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Feb 112017


This girl just wanted to get fucked and made it perfectly clear that that was all she was interested in. So we set her up with a stud who was ready to give her everything she wanted. He started off by fingering and then eating her fresh teen pussy and then she moved on to sucking his fat cock.


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Feb 112017


Stupid and gorgeous chicks really do make the world go round don’t they? Of course it could just be naïveté, but either way Olesya wants to model and this slick fucker talks her into sucking his huge cock and letting him plow her tight little pussy. This barely legal teen yummies down on his beef stick like crazy hoping to be the next big supermodel. All she ends up with at the end of this POV is a gooey facial and a sore twat.


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Feb 072017


For the record Alyssa Hart is not the most responsible teen around and since accidents do happen, she finds herself at the center of a stern talk as her stepfather confronts her about the damages to his car and the cost of repair. Her face drops at the sight of the figure on the piece of paper because she doesnt have that kind of money so she offers up her pussy instead.


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